Contact Info & Review Policy

Review Policy

I am open to receive requests to review Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) and Review Copies. I prefer young adult fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal) or general fiction although, we consider every request we get. A more in-depth look at our preferences can be found at our Goodreads. However, that being said, we cannot promise to accept every book review request we are offered. Also, if we do not finish (DNF) your book, we will post a review of what we have read, usually about 75-100 pages. We are currently receiving self-published books, so indie authors: feel free to email us at coveringallcovers [at]gmail[dot]com.

Our format preference is EPUB ebook, followed by print paperback copies. 

I have frequently reviewed books for authors and have received nothing but good feedback. I assure you that reviews are 100% honest and explain what we liked, or didn’t like, about the book. My mailing address will be provided for those interested in sending a copy through the mail. Reviews will be posted on this blog, Goodreads and retail websites like Chapters, Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Thank-you for considering Covering All Covers.

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