Daemon Black: A Not So Normal Teenage Boy

**may contain spoilers**

Daemon Black from Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

The mysterious Daemon Black…**on a side note: I don’t really think the model chosen for the covers of the books was a prefect representation of Daemon, but that might just be me**

So, I just finished the first three books in the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I knew I wanted to do a character discussion and decided on Daemon Black just because he evolved the most of all the characters. Although it may not be evident while reading the books, when you look back, it’s completely obvious that he is a whole new person.

To start off with some basic background info on Daemon:

  • He lives with his twin sister, Dee, in West Virginia
  • The siblings live next door to Katy Swartz
  • He comes from a different planet, past the furthest galaxy from Earth
  • He is a Luxen, creature of the light who can emit power from within, move objects, run really fast
  • He has another brother (also his twin aka. he’s a triplet) who disappeared
  • He is super hot with beautiful green eyes and a stellar bod
  • He ends up dating his human next door neighbour, Katy Swartz

Although it may seem normal enough for him to date a human girl, it’s completely out of the box for Daemon. He is convinced that humans are not good company for Luxen, even preventing his sister from befriending Katy at first. Eventually he gives in and lets Dee see Katy; the girls quickly become best friends.

Enough about Dee and Katy though. Let’s talk Daemon.

The thing with Daemon is that he comes off as extremely cocky. Everyone notices this imidiately after meeting Daemon, but that’s just who he is and I began to accept that. In the first novel, Obsidian, Daemon doesn’t change much. He’s still immature and kid of stand-offish in the sense that, in the case of his relationship with Katy, he doesn’t talk to her much, but he still stalks her almost. Evidently, he doesn’t like it when she sees other guys, but he won’t admit that he has any feelings for her.

Despite all of that, he still quickly became one of my favourite characters. You could tell by how much he loved his sister that he could feel that way about someone else. Daemon is a very interesting character because you’re never really sure how he’s going to react to certain situations, which makes the story that much better. Also, his jokes, which are actually funny, fill the book with some much needed humor amongst all the fighting and hostility between Luxen and Arum.

Other than the fact that he’s an alien from another planet, Daemon is a typical teenage boy who enjoys doing normal teenage boy stuff like going on dates with his girlfriend, watching movie marathons with his siblings and just hanging out. Something I admire about his character is that, once he wants something, he strives for that goal and won’t stop until he gets there. Although it can be something as small as convincing a girl that he really does likes her, it means a lot to Daemon because he wants to prove himself to be something other than an egotistical, annoying guy.

Anyway, I really hope you guys go out and read the Lux Series. It’s very riveting and captivating – trust me, you won’t be able to put it down. (at least I didn’t) Happy Reading!

– C


Character Discussion: Wilhelmina (Mina) Grimm

Hey Guys! CoveringAllCovers here to discuss the character of Mina Grimm (Grime @ beginning of novel) in the YA/fairy-tale novel, UnEnchanted written by Chanda Hahn.


So, as you have probably realized, Mina is the girl who is featured on the cover of the book although, you don’t see her face so I discovered this picture on Chanda Hahn’s website (so it is legitimate!) She is described as having brown hair and brown eyes and a pretty face, but going un-noticed most of her life at school because of her social status. As Brody expresses in the novel, Mina is very pretty once you really look at her, but as stated before, most wouldn’t even give her a second glance in the hallway. This is mainly because of her home life as well; she’s not very well-off. Her mother, Sara, has another child, Charlie, who chooses not to speak to anyone, but secretly has a huge crush on Mina’s best friend, Nan. Speaking of Nan, she’s also described as very beautiful, but more people notice her because she is, well, rich. Mina usually doesn’t feel jealous of her best friend, but sometimes it becomes apparent just how different their lives are.

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Character Discussion: Sydney Katherine Sage


CoveringAllCovers here to analyze and talk about Sydney Sage in The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel in which she is the narrator.

If you’ve read these books as I have, I think it’s safe to say that Sydney is a very conservative Alchemist. She definitely doesn’t want to let down her father, who was also a great Alchemist, to prove herself because she is a female, but also to protect her younger sister, Zoe. I think this is exceptionally brave of her and shows the other side to a rather ‘formal’ character who doesn’t show much love towards others.

Physically speaking, she has layered, blond hair and is usually seen wearing neutral coloured clothing, like many others of her kind. Sydney, along with others, has a tattoo on her cheek to show that she is in fact an Alchemist and prevents her from revealing anything about her world.

Sydney uses her cunning intelligence whenever she sees fit and is always thinking ahead of time. In Bloodlines, Sage uses the locket her teacher had given her, throws it onto the Strigoi who had attacked her and Adrian, causing a fire. This ultimately saves them from getting killed. Always thinking on her feet!

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