How Many Books is ‘Too Many’?

a lot of books

Hello there, everyone. Today on this lovely winter day, (I’m just kidding, I don’t particularly like the cold, especially below freezing weather) I realized how many books on my bookshelf I have yet to read. In 2012, I managed to read 41 of them which, considering there are 52 weeks in a year, was essentially like reading 1.2 books a week. ***snaps and claps*** However, I wished I had read more, especially during the summer, because NOW there are so many more books that I want/need coming out. I really cannot stop myself from buying a book or two (or five) every time I’m at a bookstore, which is at least a couple of times a month. But in my defence, they’re bargain books sometimes so…

Iv’e always wanted to challenge for myself to only read the books I have on my shelf and once those were all read, I could buy more. After thinking for a while I realized there may be some problems with that….

1. Some books, that were gifted to me or purchased years ago, just no longer appeal to me. Example: Dune Road by Jane Green, a book I won a a baby shower a couple of years ago… It’s about a recently divorced single mom with two kids who likes to write books, as far as I’m concerned. Now, that doesn’t sound like a bad book but, for me, a sixteen year old girl, I’m not too sure if I’ll enjoy it.

2. The classics. “If not, I’ll die your maid. To be your fellow/You may deny me, but I’ll be your servant/ Whether you will or no” (III.i.77–86, The Tempest) Shakespeare, I’m sorry, but I just don’t see myself sitting down and reading your 400 year old plays… NOT HATING, I have read quite a few (for English classes) but, all I’m saying is I’d much rather pick up a copy of the latest Bloodlines book which, yes, I have and no, I haven’t read it. *sigh*

3. I can’t help myself.

4. Let’s say I do this. What happens when I’m all done? After I finish reading all the books, I’ll go on a severe book buying binge and spend ALL OF MY MONEY. To rationalize what I’m doing now, isn’t it better if I periodically buy books as opposed to doing it all at once? (I think this is the addiction talking…hahaha)

5. I really can’t help myself. (Have I said this enough?) Think about it, passing by your favourite book store seeing all those newly released, shiny hardcovers on the shelf, waiting to be bought. I mean they’re practically calling to you, begging to be taken home. (where they will most likely just be put down on yet another bookshelf until i feel like reading it)

So you see, there are pros and cons to this dilemma…. or maybe I am, in fact, just crazy. I can’t be the only one who does this?!?! Anyway, I’m off to Chapters…. 😉

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 3.30.01 PM


4 thoughts on “How Many Books is ‘Too Many’?

  1. Think we all have that problem, I could open a bookshop or Library with all my books. Are you doing the TBR Pile challenge this year? I am, going for 21-30, hoping to do 50 but will try and see how it goes. Good luck this year.

    • There are definitely worse things we could be spending our money on. Yes, I am doing a TBR challenge this year! Last year I aimed for 40 but, this year I’m going to try for 60 because I know my summer won’t be as busy. Good luck to you as well this year!

      • Thanks, I would have gone for more, but I am doing a netgalley challenge too and going for 50 in that. Hoping I will manage all of these books. just now in full time work, see how it goes. 🙂

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