Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi ★★★★



Wow, this book definitely impressed me a lot towards the end. There was a time there that I got a little bored or uninterested because of all the romance, but the ending was great. I thought we weren’t going to get any more information about the Reestablishment and it was going to turn out as a lovey-dovey, not really dystopian novel, but the end fixed that.

I don’t think you can classify this book as only a dystopian/fantasy book, as there is that big aspect of romance in there, but that was okay for me. I do love romance novels and I didn’t really feel like the relationship between Adam and Juliette was forced, so that’s something. I enjoyed the parts where they talked about the Reestablishment because it’s quite an interesting land to live in. The end where you discover an entirely new part of the world, completely surprised me. I didn’t read any reviews on purpose because I wanted to feel that way.

I felt like at one point it was just Juliette and Adam running away for so long (that may be because it took me so long to get through those 100 pages for some reason) so I was begging to feel bored. James and Kenji’s characters definitely added dimension to the plot so that was great.

I did feel bad for Juliette at first, though sometimes she was too antsy so that was a little irritating. All in all, she’s a pretty great gal, and I mean she does have a pretty awesome super power. I want to find out why (view spoiler) I look forward to reading more about her story. Everyone seems to be on Team Warner now, but I can’t see that at all yet! I guess I’ll have to read Unravel Me!

I love James’ character so much. He’s such a cute little kid and he makes Adam so happy and transforms him into this protective older brother which is nice to see. **SPOILER**I’m glad he’s back with Adam too. I can’t even imagine how hard it was for him to live alone for so long. I guess he’s protective around Juliette as well though.. I mean he wouldn’t even let a comment from Kenji pass.

Oh and I loved Tahereh Mafi’s writing most of all. It was amazing and very captivating. I also
how she would do three words like that. It definitely highlighted those moments/thoughts of Juliette’s which I thought was well done. The crossing out was interesting as well because I guess we all have that in our own minds. What you say and what you’re really thinking. It’s cool to be able to hear both sides from her.

Excited for Unravel Me!


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