‘Clockwork Prince’ by Cassandra Clare ★★★★★

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Title: Clockwork Prince

Author: Cassandra Clare

Series Order: The Infernal Devices #2

Year of Publication: 2011

Publishers: Simon & Schuster, Margaret K. McElderry

Length: 510 pages

ISBN: 1416975888

**5 STARS**
I’m not the only one who enjoys this a tad bit better than The Mortal Instruments am I? The setting in Victorian England is so intriguing to me and is quite different than the modern-day City of Bones series so maybe that’s it..But I think I also liked Will Herondale and James Carstairs better than I liked Jace Wayland. There was a certain demeanour about then that made them ultimately attractive. I can’t even explain how amazing this trilogy is so far. I’m already dreading Clockwork Princess because it’s the last one but I’ve heard nothing but great things so I’m excited at the same time..

Loved this book for so many reasons:

The Way Clare Made You Feel So Many Things At Once 

There are so many different elements to the story that it’s not just a typical demon-hunting book where it’s action scene after action scene. Between all of those intense encounters with danger, there’s some down-time that allows readers to collect their thoughts and think about what just happened. There’s romance (obviously) in the book too, and of course it’s a love triangle though this one, I didn’t mind so much. Will and Jem are best friends – parabati in fact – and they have both fallen in love with the same American girl, Tessa Grey. Believe me, you’ll find yourself second guessing who you think is the right guy for Tessa so many times through the course of this book which makes things quite interesting.

The Main Character Herself, Tessa Gray 

Honestly, at times I wanted to hit Tessa over the head because of what she was doing. Falling in love with both Will and Jem I guess was bound to happen though I just hated how she couldn’t make up her mind! If you don’t like Jem, go for Will – don’t stay with him because you pity him! Although, I did, in fact, admire her character. After all she had been through SPOILER AHEAD like being held captive by the Dark sisters, loosing her brother to the evil Mortmain, loosing her aunt and discovering some dark, dark secrets about her family, she was still a strong young woman. At times I did feel bad for what was going on for her, but I truly did admire how she could immediately pick herself back up and take one for the team. I definitely want to read the next book to have some of my questions about who she really is or what she really is to better understand her. Clockwork Princess sure is going to be a crazy-good book. Oh and, I mean come on; running through muddy, rocky ground that in high heels and the poofy Victorian dresses? Damn, girl. That’s pretty impressive.

The Countless Plot Twists

There are many plot twists in this book that just made you want to keep on reading and flipping the pages – readers do find out quite a lot about the story and we get to make some predictions as to what will happen though I have to admit, most of mine were way off. Cassandra Clare was managed to surprise you all the time. She kept me on my toes throughout the whole book and many times I even found myself completely awe struck… I have to admit, these definitely make this book worth the read.

Character Development

Character development is another thing I thought Clare did a great job at. The characters are so not one dimensional. There’s always some mystery to the characters, even if they might not be part of the main story line, like Henry or Sophie. I was pleasantly surprised that their roles grew through the course of the novel and they were not forgotten. They actually became quite important to the story which I thought did them justice – they are two great characters and I’m very happy with their roles in this book. I fell more in love with the three main characters, more so than I was after reading Clockwork Angel. Will, Tessa and Jem are so different from each other in so any ways but at the same time, they balance each other out which is great. Also, as a longtime fan of The Mortal Instruments series, I was quite happy to see Magus Bane make some appearances in this book because he was one of my favourite characters in TMI.

**On a side-note: I loved how Bridget’s songs completely coordinated with the situation at hand and they made me laugh on more than one occasion**

Anyway, I loved this book immensely and definitely recommend it to fans of Clare’s writing because you will not be disappointed. I’m really enjoying this series!

– C


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