‘Enclave’ by Ann Aguirre ★★★★

Enclave book**this is a short, first impression sort of review – not very formal like my other ones**

I have to admit – I was a bit skeptical about this book. There are so many young-adult novels out there today based in a dystopian land so sometimes it’s hard to find a good one. Fortunately, this was a great read for me. I thought the apocalyptic world was so interesting. The idea that there was a world above and underground that to each other, seemed almost impossible to even exist was very intriguing.

I was immediately interested in Deuce’s story and the life she had been living for the past fifteen years. It seemed strange to me how fast she was forced to grow up, though it made sense considering those in the enclave were lucky to live past 20. She, along with her attractive partner Fade, made a great hunting pair. I thought it was very brave the sacrifice Deuce and fade made for some of her friends in the enclave. Although I was scared for them at first, it marked the beginning of their adventure so it was definitely worthwhile.

The characters in the novel make the read interesting as well because they are so different from one another. Deuce is this warrior who was brought up wanting to become a fierce Huntress for her enclave. Fade is like his partner in some ways, though his past in ‘Topside’ makes him different, and unwanted by many people. Tegan and Stalker came to know Fade and Deuce while Stalker’s Wolf tribe attacked them and Tegan escaped from her horrible life amongst the Wolves. Eventually, Stalker joined as well. They are unique and make things interesting.

Towards the end, I got a little bored to be honest which is mainly the reason this didn’t get a 5 star rating form me. For me, it went from super exciting, action-packed and unpredictable to kind of slow and not an oh my gosh I need to read the next chapter kind of book in 50 pages. My bored-ness didn’t last very long as a new character was introduced and led Fade, Deuce and their two friends to yet another different world. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dystopian novels looking to find an interesting take on an apocalyptic world. The book ended this way which definitely left me wanting to read more so I’ll have to pick up Razorland #2 soon enough. 4 stars!

– C


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