‘The Morganville Vampires: Glass Houses’ by Rachel Caine ★★★★½

Okay, so I just read The Morganville Vampires #1 (and #2 but this is only for #1) Initially, I wasn’t going to dive into yet another vampire tale just because there are so many out there today that you never know which ones really stand out. Although, this book immediately caught my attention for several reasons:

1. Claire AKA Your Not-So-Typical Teenage Girl

Unlike book such as The Vampire Diaries or Twilight, Claire (even though she is only sixteen years old) is in college (simply because she’s super smart) not highschool. I thought this added an original twist to the novel because she’s living alone and has more freedom and responsibility than another may have living with their parents. I think this let us she who she really was. Not saying that she’s this crazy party-girl who takes this opportunity to slack off and do whatever she wants, because that’s not it. Living in a town like Morganville, filled with young and old vampires, Claire realized where she was and needed to grow up quite fast. It allowed for an interesting and fin experience for readers.

2. Claire’s Roommates

Eve, Michael and Shane. These three eighteen year olds soon become Claire’s roommates as she encounters some issues at her dorm with some of the other girls. Initially, Michael Glass, the owner of the Glass House, won’t allow her to come and live there because she’s too young and he can’t be held responsible for her. Although, as soon as he realizes how mature and desperately in need of a room she is in, he gives in. I really loved his character because he soon becomes an older brother figure for Claire and is always looking out for her – I think she really needed someone like him. Eve, a goth-chick who’s super confident and currently works at the local coffee shop instantly bonds with Claire and their friendship only becomes stronger from then on. Shane, Michael’s BFF since primary school, is a different story. You’ll have to read to figure him out because he’s quite complicated. BTW, of course the two boys are both super cute 😉

3. You Get Instantly Hooked

I don’t know about all the others who have read this book, but I was immediately drawn to the Morganville life and the story of this book. There are many interesting plot twists that make you want to keep reading surrounding the roommates, Claire herself or the vampires of the town. I thought Ms. Caine painted a great picture for readers regarding what her story was and how things would go down, though not in the sense that the book was too predictable. Just enough to keep you on your toes.

On the other hand, there are some things that I wish didn’t happen so much…

1. Claire’s Attitude = NOT OK

Honestly, I just didn’t like how she thought she was at a disadvantage at her school and in Morganville because she apparently isn’t pretty or rich enough. This instantly made her one of the ‘uncool’ kids because she’s out-smarts more than half the (older) kids at her college. It was just annoying that Claire wasn’t my fave character considering she is the main character that the book follows. I was able to look past this to read the rest of the awesome book 🙂

2. Kind-Of Predictable At Times

Sometimes I was able to predict (correctly) what was going to happen, but only sometimes. Like the bajillion times Michael told Claire not to leave the house but guess what she did anyways. Yup. That happened a lot so it became predictable. Maybe if she actually stayed in a couple times, it wouldn’t have been.

ANYWAY. I’ve already finished the first two books and highly recommend the series, even if you might not INITIALLY love it. Give it a chance! I rate this books 4.5 stars!


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