Book Review: Freewill Trilogy ★★★★

Hey! So I originally reviewed this series some time ago when the author of the novels sent me them to review. I decided to post them on here to spread the word because they were pretty interesting and different!


– C


OK, so here’s the deal with this book and why it took me so long to review. My Kobo was having some troubles but I fixed it! And I loved this book so very much!

At first I was going to write a review that included spoilers, but I changed my mind because I want everyone to read about how much I enjoyed this book.

Elyse provided me with the entire trilogy to read and review through We ♥ YA Books (an amazing group on here) and even though school’s started already, I was so hooked that I couldn’t put the book or rather eReader down.

I thought the storyline of this novel was so original, as Iv’e never read any book like it, and I’ve read some pretty strange books. STRANGE in a good way, I promise. The only reason I’m not giving this book 5 stars is because part of the time, I was a little bit confused about what was going on (you’ll understand if you read) but things cleared up when the plot came together. Although, with some issues that have to do with some minor characters I’m still not 100% clear on.

Freewill is definitely a good start to a series as it gets readers hooked on the story as soon as you meet the main character, Ellie. AMAZING job in creating such intriguing personalities and I’m BEYOND HAPPY that Lune was one of these. I have such a soft spot for dogs that I just loved the addition! It’s so hard to explain a book without ruining or spoiling it for others so all I’m going to say is two more things to wrap up this review:

1. THANK YOU SO MUCH ELYSE! I’m so happy I signed up for this R2R and can’t wait to read the next two! Ahh! You don’t even understand how excited I am. (I just love Ellie and Christopher)

2. Anyone reading this review: bottom line is I really enjoyed reading this book and definitely recommend it to all of you! Give it a chance and hopefully you’ll like it as much as I did 🙂

★★★★ 4 Stars

Consequences (Freewill #2)

Right after I finished Freewill, I immediately wanted to begin reading Consequences because of the amazing story line and literal techniques Elyse used to lure the readers in. This was one thing that I was really happy about – I hate reading an AWESOME book and having to wait until the next is released, BUT i got to read this one right away ( thanks to Elyse (: ) which was great. I found that this one was a little bit of a slower read, but maybe that’s because of everything that happened that it was just too much to process at once ( in a good way though, don’t let this discourage you! )

Now I don’t want to reveal anything because I don’t want to spoil this series for anyone interested in reading (I 100% recommend it) so I’m going to leave it spoiler-free but still tell you what I enjoyed!

First of all, I liked what direction the series was headed in, even before reading this second instalment. The story line is so unique and I loved how Elyse was able to incorporate so many different world cultures/history/mythology into her writing – Artemis is a great example of this – she’s pretty darn awesome.

PS. To add a little side note, I loved the title of this novel, all three in fact actually. There are so many interpretations of the title that readers can come up with and I really enjoyed having that freedom. You don’t get that a lot nowadays.. 

In the first book, a lot of the questions that I pondered about – to myself of course – while reading were answered, but not all of them. When I continued onto reading this one, they were thankfully answered, but more questions also came into mind. This made the book all the more interesting!

Of course, as I mentioned, the story line is so unique which makes the readers even more involved. AWESOMENESS! 🙂


I 100% recommend this series, so give it a shot! Nothing’s holding you back 🙂

(Thanks to Elyse Draper for providing me with this entire series)

★★★★ 4 Stars

Vindication (Freewill #3)

efore I begin, I want to say thank-you to Elyse for sending me the entire book series as well as the group We ♥ YA Books! I’m so happy I chose these novels to read and review! Oh and also note: I’m sorry this review took me so long to get up; school’s just been taking up WAY too much of my time 😦 But alas, here it is:

So let me start the review off by saying:

Vindication is 100% the best ending EVER to this book series. I mean, all my questions were answered, the characters that were introduced and the main ones who I felt grew throughout the novel as well. One of the many qualities I admire most about Elyse’s writing is that with only a few words, she can send SO many emotions through you – sadness, admiration, thrill, curiosity — truly, it is never-ending and it makes the journey that these great characters take so much more exhilarating.

Another thing I adored in Vindication is that, I felt so close to the characters! When someone got affected, both emotionally and physically, I myself feel as if I’m with them, standing there and experiencing what they are – this is very unique in Elyse’s writing – some YA books, I’m just reading, not feeling but this is an exception to that – trust me, you will love this novel, but first you must read the others!

Something else to note:
The relationship between all the characters are so unique depending on who they are between so it’s like reading tons of stories within one great book. (Ellie, Michael, Chris, etc.) The different POV’s of characters, no matter what anyone says, I LOVED this. It makes the story so much more in depth, I feel. Of course, Ellie and Christoper remain one of my fave YA couples EVERRRR ♥♥♥ ( Thanks for inventing them, Elyse. hehe)

The ONLY downside of this book is that, the beginning and the end (both I liked immensely) are so eventful but the middle isn’t so much. I understand though, that the story needed to be developed, questions needed to be answered and the story needed to be closed, so it’s okay.

SO in conclusion, I loved this book, reccoment it to all paranormal, YA, fantasy book lovers and give it 5 stars 🙂 Thanks once again to Elyse! ♥

★★★★ 4 Stars


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