Character Discussion: Wilhelmina (Mina) Grimm

Hey Guys! CoveringAllCovers here to discuss the character of Mina Grimm (Grime @ beginning of novel) in the YA/fairy-tale novel, UnEnchanted written by Chanda Hahn.


So, as you have probably realized, Mina is the girl who is featured on the cover of the book although, you don’t see her face so I discovered this picture on Chanda Hahn’s website (so it is legitimate!) She is described as having brown hair and brown eyes and a pretty face, but going un-noticed most of her life at school because of her social status. As Brody expresses in the novel, Mina is very pretty once you really look at her, but as stated before, most wouldn’t even give her a second glance in the hallway. This is mainly because of her home life as well; she’s not very well-off. Her mother, Sara, has another child, Charlie, who chooses not to speak to anyone, but secretly has a huge crush on Mina’s best friend, Nan. Speaking of Nan, she’s also described as very beautiful, but more people notice her because she is, well, rich. Mina usually doesn’t feel jealous of her best friend, but sometimes it becomes apparent just how different their lives are.

 Anyway, back on track here. After Mina’s heroic act of saving one of the school’s most popular boys, Brody Carmichael, this gives her the attention she has been secretly wishing for all her life, but in the end, does not reward her the way she would want. The one good thing that does come out of this is that she is seen as a home-town hero and gets her to be Brody’s girlfriend. (she’s been crushing on him for years) Being in a relationship entails her to going hand-in-hand with someone to the school dance (themed Enchanted where kids will go as fairy-tale story characters – ironic right?) The couple end up going as Little Red Riding Hood and the Hunter, not like she had a choice, but she looks absolutely stunning. All the boys, who previously didn’t even know she existed, were swooning over her. Does that give you an idea of what she looks like? Good 🙂 Now onto more important things..


If you’ve read Hahn’s book, you already know that Mina starts off as being a normal 15 year old girl who is known by everyone (everyone who actually knows her, that is) for being extremely clumsy, unsure of herself and different. Now, I know that people say, being different is what makes you special, but this is not the case for Mina. Everyone sees her as the un-popular girl who doesn’t fit in with anyone, except Nan, a girl who she met when she first moved from her previous home. When I say unsure of herself, I mean she doesn’t really know where she belongs in this whole equation. Sure, she saved Brody’s life at the bakery that fateful day, but she caused it herself so in the end wasn’t it all her fault anyway? As she starts to gain confidence in herself (Brody is a big help to this) she becomes the opposite of these qualities which she must contain to defeat the Story. Once this happens, she starts to feel some self-pity and selfishness because she is still confused as to why the Story had to choose her. When it really comes down to the lives of her mother, little brother and best friend, she gives up all of these flaws and fights like there’s no tomorrow. According to Chanda Hahn herself, she does not believe in making infallible characters because everyone must grow to become the person they want to be, and this is exactly what Mina must do. After learning some cool fighting tricks from the mysterious boy at school, Jared, she not only becomes strong mentally, but physically as well. These qualities will help her immensely when fighting against the Story.

The Boyfriend..Brody Carmichael

As it has been established, Mina and Brody start dating a little while after she heroically saves his life during a school field trip. He’s a special case though, unlike any other that she has ever seen. After the Story is done with him, he forgets everything, including him and Mina ever meeting. Naturally, this leaves her heartbroken because they fell in love, he forgot, but she didn’t. The same goes for everyone else the Story affected during that particular fairy tale, Nan being one of those people. Mina told her best friend about the Story and the whole Brothers Grimm nonsense because she needed someone to help her get through this. When she forgets about her best friend’s relationship with Brody and catches her hopelessly staring at him whenever she can, (this happens in Book 2 which I have only read a couple chapters of so I’m not aware of everything that has happened up-to-date) she begins to think Mina’s lost it. Overall, in UnEnchanted, although Brody did forget about Mina, along the way when they were together, he helped her grow, saved her from a couple unexpected guests and ultimately broke her heart, BUT don’t forget the positives! He made her into a better person, and I think she knows that. 

Anyway, Mina is a great character to relate to because of the changes so closely resemble those of a normal teenage girl, with an unusual twist to them, but in the end, a really awesome girl! 🙂


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