Hey Book Lovers & Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to CoveringAllCovers.wordpress.com!

Like I have stated in the ‘About’ section of this blog, I am here to review and talk about books, so essentially, cover all covers! I’m just starting a blog and have never had one before, so bear with me through this amazing journey!


2 thoughts on “Hey Book Lovers & Welcome to my Blog!

  1. Hi! I just started a book blog too (quite literally, I started it yesterday and only have one review up so far) and was trying to find other bloggers to follow but was discouraged to find that most people weren’t on WordPress until I found yours! We seem to like the same type of books, so I’m pretty glad to have found your blog. Just wanted to say that all your posts so far are of really great quality, even though it’s your first blog. I’m looking forward to your future posts!

    • That’s great! I agree with you. To be honest I haven’t found many book blogs that follow young adult books on WordPress, they’re mostly on Blogspot, but I definitely will follow your blog and enjoy reading your posts. Looking forward to it! 🙂

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