Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover..Or Do?

Hey Book Lovers!

CoveringAllCovers here to talk about books that we should judge by their covers! When at a bookstore, the first thing we notice about a novel that we are possibly going to buy is it’s cover page – we all do it! And that’s okay because today I’m going to point out a couple of books I purchased or didn’t purchase because of the cover! Here they are!

1. The Selection – this book caught my attention the second I laid eyes on it and decided, even before reading the description at the back (I know, not a smart thing to do) that I was going to purchase this book.





2. Unearthly – like The Selection, this book caught my attention as I was browsing through teen books online where you only see the cover, title and author’s name until you clock on it. Once I clicked on this novel, I decided I had to get it as well – looked and sounded too good to forget about.




3. Graceling – unlike the previous two novels, this book didn’t catch my attention because of the beauty of it, but because to me, it was very up front almost. (if that makes sense) I really liked how the title of the novel is Graceling but they put a picture of a dagger on it. Ironic right?




4. Eternal – when I saw this cover, i was really not attracted to it. Nothing against the book (we are judging just the covers here) but once I saw this, it didn’t catch my eye like the others did. When speaking of angel-related novels, I think Hush Hush did a much better job at captivating the readers attention with the cover photo of the book.




*More books will be added overtime*

*Credit to YABC on Goodreads for the idea!*


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