Character Discussion: Sydney Katherine Sage


CoveringAllCovers here to analyze and talk about Sydney Sage in The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel in which she is the narrator.

If you’ve read these books as I have, I think it’s safe to say that Sydney is a very conservative Alchemist. She definitely doesn’t want to let down her father, who was also a great Alchemist, to prove herself because she is a female, but also to protect her younger sister, Zoe. I think this is exceptionally brave of her and shows the other side to a rather ‘formal’ character who doesn’t show much love towards others.

Physically speaking, she has layered, blond hair and is usually seen wearing neutral coloured clothing, like many others of her kind. Sydney, along with others, has a tattoo on her cheek to show that she is in fact an Alchemist and prevents her from revealing anything about her world.

Sydney uses her cunning intelligence whenever she sees fit and is always thinking ahead of time. In Bloodlines, Sage uses the locket her teacher had given her, throws it onto the Strigoi who had attacked her and Adrian, causing a fire. This ultimately saves them from getting killed. Always thinking on her feet!

Now let’s talk Adrian Ivashkov..

The end of The Golden Lily truly surprised me and to be honest, dissapointed me as well. I mean don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved this novel and I understand Sydney’s motives to doing what she did but I really wish she hadn’t! I am totally team Sydrian! I think they are completely perfect for each other; some people may disagree because they are pretty much opposites in everything they do, but I think that’s what makes them perfect for one another. This way, they sort of balance each other out. Adrian being the ‘bad boy’ who can sometimes need a push in the right direction and Sydney being that person! Am I right or am I right!? Even though Adrian puts up this sort of cover up to who he truly is, like he said to Sage himself, around her he wants to be a better person! How sweet is that?!

*As more of the novels in this series are released, more discussion and thoughts will be added onto here*


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